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who is this guy?




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who is this guy


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Does anyone else find the idea of feminizing someone else (i.e. not becoming a transgirl but making someone else become a transgirl) really hot? It is my life dream to one day turn a normal straight guy into a vapid nympho girl who cries if you take cock away from her.
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Think it would be so hot, as wild I have another to play with n look hot too searching for cock


File: 1456836040903.jpg (4.66 KB, 110x110, 0004ffd7-57eb-9935-3ba9-76….jpg) Google

Those things together caff ruin a person haha, just kidding. I'm hermy or ts . But not much left in my life other than going back to being me full-time #1004




Often times find myself in total lust. As being TS myself. So use too just want to blend in with society. Anymore since someone turned me onto sissy erotic hypnosis like five years ago maybe, I question myself more and more everyday, as I notice I love flirting n teasing guys to getting them off more. Either on text our over the phone. Outs like my idealism ate changing even in fashion. Use to be bisexual, anymore I feel like I could be a dirtified whore n be so content. Like it was my decision our something. Lust driven is like Toral euphoric


File: 1459337370047.jpg (5.99 KB, 110x110, 00052b2a-a386-468d-cd3c-5f….jpg) Google

Being TS on HRT myself for few decades. It's like I so use to just want too transition n blend in with society. Anymore I find myself really enjoying feeling more fulfilled buy flirting or teasing cock, as doo I get totally turned on by the thoughts of being a total slut or dirtified submissive whore. Pic is me on deck for morning coffee

File: 1456998744876-0.jpg (109.57 KB, 790x600, tims card.jpg) Google


7817389574 text him your cock

File: 1455830464508.jpg (175.61 KB, 685x1024, 008_069_1000.jpg) Google


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File: 1455830621320.jpg (166.12 KB, 1000x671, 034_043_1000.jpg) Google


File: 1455830626318.jpg (179.24 KB, 1000x671, 035_042_1000.jpg) Google


Perfect 10/10!


File: 1456837848017.jpg (3.78 KB, 110x110, 0004ffd7-482b-9eac-f8b6-b9….jpg) Google

This woman is so a Goddess. Clothes our not, sex or not, someone that is so much like me, as being TS on HRT, as I ahhh. I love seeing other sisters moving forward in life, as shoo I so sorry n luv seeing them doing their thing. Her n Bailey are shoo like my idols n absolute faves. Sometimes just the thought of cuddling n asking her how her day is, would probably doo it for me, giggles. She's just that dreamy. Being a bottom as I am, I often times think I'd rather find another like myself. I love cock, don't get me wrong. But love being with girls on a more friendship our closeness level. Wishing all the betty best

File: 1456364440364.jpg (158.45 KB, 969x1280, tumblr_o1scwwQSNU1ruv87mo5….jpg) Google


Hello everyone I am practice forced feminization with my wife for almost 4 years! We tried almost everything (cuckold, sissy, making me gangband slut etc). So feel free to ask anything :3
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I won it in a raffle!

But no, I’m not transitioning. Dressing is just a curious thing that I do.


Any tips on how to use a butt plug? I have one medium size, and everytime I get dressed and all I feel really horny, like I can't wait to put it in, but when I do, it hurts me more than it pleases me. I don't know why because even though I can handle all of it, it won't get me off and end up taking it out and jerking off thinking of having it inside. I ask this because I see all these girls and cds in here cumming just by pounding on one and want to know how that feels :( thank you


Weirdly, I have an inflatable one that I can’t use. I have bigger, so I have to assume it’s something to do with the material (my skin is evil, so this would not come as a surprise), but even only slightly in my butt begins, through the medium of serious discomfort, to yell “Nopenopenopenope”. It’s the strangest thing.

But I suspect this is not that; I suspect you need a smaller toy. Trust me when I say I know the appeal of going large, but you have to work your way up to these things. If I put in my bigger plug from standing it would ache like nobodies business and be far from pleasant. Get something disappointly small in the knowledge that it’s a journey.

Or get a anal training kit - a sliding scale of butt based plugs. Or even something like an aneros, which is like a small plug that neatly finds the good bits.


You were in chastity for 111 days, right? Did you have access to the key or what? I really need to cut down on jerkin' it (like 7/8 a day average) and a cage might be the only course of action cause of my distinct lack of willpower. Even then, I might need a timelock safe or something to keep the key. How did you manage for 111 days? I can't manage 11 hours


Firstly: Holy fuck. 7/8 a day! Where does one find the time! Or the fluids!

Secondly: It’s not magic, unfortunately. The security is a fantasy, and no matter how you use it, it is always willpower that will keep the device locked.

Which isn’t to say it wouldn’t help, having a physical reminder is a potent thing, but it’s being into chastity for it’s own sake that really makes it work. It’s that obsession that lets me go some distance.

File: 1456132023733.jpg (143.63 KB, 674x1024, 1171233 - Miku_Hatsune She….jpg) Google


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File: 1456132329500.jpg (145.76 KB, 685x1024, yuna shemale japan hard co….jpg) Google

File: 1455828091993.jpg (160.7 KB, 768x1024, 132347089133.jpg) Google


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